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Why Are the Elderly Showing More Signs of Fibromyalgia?

Why Are the Elderly Showing More Signs of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is on the rise and what is noticeably is the rise of it in the young or young adults.  And the instances of men being diagnosed with it is also on the rise.  What has been, not neglected, but in a way missed is the rise of it in the elderly.

One study in Turkey took a look at this trend to see what were the factors behind the rise in the elderly, specifically.  And what they found, indicated that poor quality of life may be linked to this phenomenon.

GrandmaThe study, “Prevalence Of Fibromyalgia In Turkish Geriatric Population And Its Impact On Quality Of Life,” was published in the Turkish journal Agri Pain.

Fibromyalgia patients presented significantly higher scores in pain, sleep, social isolation, and emotional reactions in the quality of life score compared to the non-FM group. No difference was found in terms of gender on the TPC and disease severity measures, but these parameters were reduced with increasing age — the older the patient, the worse the result.

Results also indicated that disease severity and TPC were linked to pain and emotional reactions as tested in the quality of life score. However, no correlation was found between disease severity and TPC and the patients’ physical mobility, sleep, energy, and social isolation.

Together, the results indicated that not only the prevalence of fibromyalgia increases with aging, but the disease also brings poor quality of life to these patients.

What bothered me so much, was the cycle in which they are trapped.  First, their quality of life is already poor which is compounded by the fact that fibromyalgia brings it down more.

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