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Practical Tips for Living Well with Fibro

[Video] You Can Make Positive Changes No Matter Where You Are Today

[Video] You Can Make Positive Changes No Matter Where You Are Today

I hear it often that exercise and other activities are in the past.  I felt that way myself.  At one time I was being processed for permanent disability and thought my life was going to be very simple.  Stay home, drive to store, maybe a movie and back home again.  It took a big wake up and a lot of effort and time to get myself to where I was running 21-mile races along the Big Sur coastline and riding on the back of a motorcycle with my husband across the United States.  But I did it.

Any can too make changes that will affect your life positively.  You may not wan to run 21-milers or ride a motorcycle across town let alone across the country, but if you have a goal and some determination you can make big changes by taking small steps, consistently.

Here’s a video of a disabled veteran that caught my heart.  He doesn’t have fibromyalgia, but he wasn’t doing very well.  It’s a short video with a big message.  I hope you are inspired by it.

Do you have stories of hope and determination you would like to share?  Share your experience and insights in the comments below and help others to Live Well with Fibro.


  1. This site has given me hope. I’ve started on the ginger tea and upper body exercises. I haven’t seen any changes yet, but I am hopeful. Do you have any exercises for the low back, hiPS and leg pain?

    • I do have some exercises and stretches for low back and hips. Hips often give us trouble, because we don’t move as much as we should. I also have a secret weapon when it comes to the ginger tea. I use therapeutic essential oils which are more powerful than tea. I use both tea and essential oils for different situations and symptoms. If you would like me to help you determine which exercises and maybe essential oils will work for you, email me at

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