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Natural Fat for Pain Relief?

Natural Fat for Pain Relief?

Food is nature’s medicine, but sometimes we can’t eat enough of a whole food to get the specific nutrients we need.  This is particularly truly if our bodies are fighting something and though we (and doctors) don’t know exactly what we are fighting when it comes to fibromyalgia, our bodies are working pretty darn hard.  In those cases it’s necessary to find concentrated qualities of specific nutrients that can come to the aid of our body’s natural ability to heal itself and Omega 3s is a good place to start when you have wide-spread pain compliments of fibromyalgia.

Omega 3: Nature’s Pain Relief?
SalmonIn a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 125 people with spine pain who normally took anti-inflammatory drugs were surveyed to see how omega 3 capsules would affect their discomfort. After being prescribed an omega-3 supplement, participants took 2400mg of omega-3s along with their regular NSAIDs for two weeks. After this, they were given 1200mg of omega-3s per day and asked to stop taking their NSAIDs.

At the end of the study, 60% of study participants noted a reduction in their pain levels. In fact, the omega-3 supplements were so effective, 59% of participants indicated that they had discontinued their use of NSAIDs altogether while 88% said they planned to continue with the omega-3 EFA supplements. No side effects were noted during the study.

The study’s authors noted that omega-3s have a well established anti-inflammatory mechanism. In particular, the fatty acids convert into anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Previous research has found omega-3 to reduce the production of arachidonic acid in painful areas of the body.

I personally have increased the amount of omega 3 I take and along with other changes I have a dramatic decrease in pain.  Flare ups happen, but the 24/7 pain isn’t a rule anymore.

Have you tried increasing your omega 3s?  What do think?  Share your experience and insight with others in the comments below to help others to Live Well with Fibro.

If you want to read more on how omega 3s can help with pain and review a couple of cautions, click here to visit:

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