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Practical Tips for Living Well with Fibro

[Video] How to Start the Day After a Night with Fibro

[Video] How to Start the Day After a Night with Fibro

One of the problems when being told how to manage you symptoms is that though they tell you eat well or exercise, it can still be hard to get started.  Being told to do something is different than being shown what to do.

Here’s a video that demonstrates a gentle exercise routine designed for first thing in the morning.  What’s good about this routine is that it focuses on opening joints and addresses all your body parts.  If you cannot do all the exercises, try to modify the positions you have trouble with.  Keep it simple and don’t try to do something you’re body isn’t ready for.  Over time you will find you can do more and more as you practice.

If you already have permission from your doctor, go ahead and try it out in the morning.  otherwise, check in with your doctor first.

And please remember, it’s not all or nothing.  Do what you can and start there, then add little by little.

Do you have a suggestion on how to start the morning after a night with fibro?  Share your experience and insights in the comments below and help others to Live Well with Fibro.

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