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Practical Tips for Living Well with Fibro

A Study Confirms Your Fibro Symptoms Can Improve

A Study Confirms Your Fibro Symptoms Can Improve

I get asked this all the time, “can it get better?”  As a person with fibromyalgia and working with others with fibromyalgia, I can honestly say; “Yes, it can.”

The craziness of fibromyalgia shows up differently from individual to individual.  But if you keep at it, you can feel and function better.  If you don’t, you are likely to experience more dysfunction.

A study conducted by the American College of Rheumatology confirms this assertion.

hurtingAfter fibromyalgia symptoms were characterized, patients were asked to complete an online questionnaire about several self-reported outcome measures and other parameters, such as co-morbidities, clinical characteristics, symptoms, productivity, healthcare resource use, and socioeconomic information. Approximately two years later a follow-up consultation was conducted to evaluate the progression of fibromyalgia symptoms.

In the follow-up consultation, the authors observed that more than 20% of the patients reported co-morbidities, such as arthritis, lower back pain, depression, high cholesterol, hypertension, headache/migraine, anxiety, and sleep apnea.

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