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Practical Tips for Living Well with Fibro

4 Ways to Cope When You Feel Like You’re Alone with Fibro

4 Ways to Cope When You Feel Like You’re Alone with Fibro

Living with fibromyalgia can feel so isolating at times.  You’re tired, but you can’t explain why.  You’re in constant pain, but no one understand where the pain is coming from.  Even the slightest noise or gentlest breeze can agitate you, and yet others are not affected.

Self supportIf you’re in chronic pain, it’s challenging for you and your friends and family. This is particularly true if you have an “invisible” condition like fibromyalgia, which is hard for other people to understand.

“I think people cannot see how it affects us—at least not like a cast on a broken arm or an open wound,” says Lyn Batt, 58, who has fibromyalgia. “I remember looking at my leg thinking that the burning, knife-like pain did not even make my skin red.”

It’s moments like these that can have you believing that you are all alone and you have no one to support you.  If you feel like you’re not getting the support you need, try one of these 4 tips.

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