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Practical Tips for Living Well with Fibro

4 Tips on How to Stay Pain Free This Winter

4 Tips on How to Stay Pain Free This Winter

Winter can be hard on a fibro body.  Cold and wet are often recognized as triggers, and once the cold sets in it can be difficult to get warm.  I also find, that the colder weather brings more fatigue with it as well.  The shorter days and the colder, wetter and windier weather just wears me out.

It’s important to have good habits to stay healthy and functional during the winter months.  Here are 4 to help you get started;

1. Dip into a nightly bath.

Hot bathStudies have shown that taking warm or hot baths can have a therapeutic effect for fibromyalgia pain. If you take a soothing bath each night during the winter, it will have the secondary effect of warming your bones and taking away any chill that’s contributing to fibromyalgia pain and symptoms.

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