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4 Signs Your Liver Needs Love

4 Signs Your Liver Needs Love

Your liver is a major player when it comes to staying healthy.  It’s one of the largest organs in your body and is responsible for many things.  Primarily though it’s know to act as a filter for everything, good or bad, that enters the body through your digestive track or bloodstream.

Some of its other functions are supporting the breakdown and processing of carbohydrates, proteins and especially fats, and making cholesterol, hormones and bile (critical for breaking down fats).

Besides serious health complaints, you may be experiencing some symptoms that are linked to a poor functioning liver.  Here are 4 to consider:

Oil filter1.   headaches and foggy brain anytime, but especially in the morning.


2.   constipation, diarrhea or light colored stools.


3.   Difficult to lose belly fat that is above your waistband.  Ladies might even feel this as their bra getting uncomfortable at their ribcage by the end of the day!


4. a pattern of waking at night between 2 and 4am. You might feel irritable, agitated or even notice your heart rate is a little higher at this time as well.


A bonus clue for the ladies:  your perimenopause or menopause might be very symptomatic and difficult to control.

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